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NFL scouts are airing their dirty laundry about Dede Westbrook

Dede Westbrook has as many red flags as any other player in the 2017 NFL Draft and the Jacksonville Jaguars used their fourth round pick on him anyway — prompting draft analysts and NFL scouts to start airing their dirty laundry about the former Oklahoma wide receiver.

Westbrook has been twice accused — though never convicted — of domestic violence by the mother of his children. The red flags are there much in the same way they are there for his teammate Joe Mixon, which is why general manager Dave Caldwell said there’s “no margin for error” with Westbrook.

The Oklahoma receiver was one of the NCAA’s most explosive playmakers in 2016. He finished with 80 catches for 1,524 yards last fall, gaining a ridiculous 19.1 yards per reception. He scored 18 touchdowns for the Sooners in their 11-2 campaign — 17 through the air and one on a punt return.

It’s worth noting that Westbrook denied he was kicked out of the NFL Combine interview and that he’s aware he is on a tight leash with the Jaguars.

What do you think of the Westbrook pick?