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2017 NFL Draft: Should the Jaguars draft Deshaun Watson?

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly hosting Deshaun Watson (among other draft prospects) at EverBank Field today and tomorrow — which begs the question: Are the Jaguars legitimately interested in a quarterback with their No. 4 overall pick?

It could be due diligence. After all, they’ve hosted quarterbacks in each of the last few years during the pre-draft process.

It could be a smokescreen. Let the rest of the league see you interested in a couple of quarterbacks and maximize your trade value in the event you want out of the fourth overall pick.

Or maybe (just maybe!) it could be because this team is genuinely interested in moving on from Blake Bortles. There is no easy way to remove a band-aid — one motion right off!

The case for Deshaun Watson

Blake Bortles isn’t... well, he isn’t very good. In fact, I think the argument could be made that he was one of the three worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL last season and that at least three losses can be directly pinned on him.

That’s inexcusable in your third full year of starting.

The Bortles experiment is over and instead of letting their talented receivers waste one more year, you roll the dice on a guy like Watson. In my opinion, he’s the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft and you’re in “win now” mode.

Do it, Jaguars.

The case against Deshaun Watson

This argument could be two-fold.

On the one hand you could say that Bortles deserves one more year and that it’s in the best interest of a quasi-new coaching staff and front office to get one year of Bortles to themselves. Then you make a decision.

Or you could say you like another quarterback ahead of Watson. There are several in this draft worthy of a first round pick.

Either way, Watson isn’t the guy.

What do you think?

How would you feel about the Jaguars picking Watson with the No. 4 overall pick? Let us know in the comments below.


Should the Jaguars draft Deshaun Watson with the No. 4 overall pick?

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