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2017 NFL Draft: Live blog of Jaguars hosting prospects and players

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are starting to host players and prospects from the 2017 NFL Draft in search of who their No. 4 overall pick is going to be, as well as who they could possibly find at the top of the second and third rounds.

We’re hosting a live tracker here so you can keep up with who the Jaguars are interested in when it comes to the draft. Check back early and often to keep up with all the visits and if you know of a player the Jaguars met with who isn’t on the list let us know in the comments below.

Live tracker

Name Age Position School
Name Age Position School
Cam Robinson 21 OL Alabama
Deshaun Watson 21 QB Clemson
Jamal Adams 21 S LSU
Reuben Foster 23 LB Alabama
Malik Hooker 20 S Ohio State
O.J. Howard 22 TE Alabama
Joe Mixon 20 RB Oklahoma
Patrick Mahomes 21 QB Texas Tech
Leonard Fournette 22 RB LSU

What do you think? Are the Jaguars putting up a smokescreen with any of these visits? Or do you think they’re genuinely interested in prospects like Cam Robinson, Reuben Foster, Malik Hooker, and Deshaun Watson?

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.