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Allen Hurns shows off new uniforms in photo shoot, but they’re not a combo for this year

The evolution of the Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms are something we’ve been keeping our eye on because that’s what you do when you’ve won 17 games in five years — and Allen Hurns was sporting a new combo in a photoshoot featured on his Snapchat yesterday.

Here you can clearly see new “gold” (i.e. mustard) pants with the traditional black jerseys with teal accents and white numbers.

Get that uniform away from me and my family forever.

Fortunately for us, Hurns said himself it’s not a combo for this year in a direct message.

So then what was Hurns doing in gold and mustard pants? Will it be some sort of alternate combo or is Hurns’ qualification of “this year” in the message important? Could it be they’re testing this out for seasons down the road?

God, I hope not. Those things look hideous. (No offense, Hurns.)

What do you think of the gold pants with black jerseys combo? Let us know in the comments below.