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What anonymous scouts have to say about Jaguars draft pick Leonard Fournette

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Each year we get leading up to the NFL Draft, we get hot takes from anonymous scouts about players. Sometimes the takes are good, a lot of the times the takes are bad and sometimes they're just plain weird. Looking back on some of the quotes from anonymous scouts on the 2017 NFL Draft, it was no different, especially their takes on Jaguars fourth overall pick, running back Leonard Fournette.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the best source for these quotes, as he typically will rank prospects and then provide quotes on all of them from anonymous scouts around the league. The ones for Fournette weren't all that off the wall, but there were some interesting ones.

Here's what they had to say about Fournette, the number one ranked running back:

1. "He's a freaking beast," said one scout. "I'm not saying he's Earl Campbell but he's got power. I'm not saying he's Bo (Jackson) but when you see this guy roll at his size and strength, wow. Todd Gurley could hit it and he could run but this guy is more powerful. There's nothing wrong with him until this year when he got the early ankle injury."

2. "He's rare with his size and speed and ability to run over people," said another scout. "I worry about him long-term. He's an erect runner and he's going to take some punishment. He's not elusive."

3. "The more I watched him, he can't create at the line of scrimmage," said a third scout. "The last guy that had that same issue was Darren McFadden. No, he just runs over people."

4. "People keep glossing over that that other kid came in and ripped up the SEC," said one scout of Fournette's backup at LSU, Derrius Guice. "He's got more make-you-miss (than Fournette). I don't really know what kind of grit he has to overcome anything. He's been a god in Louisiana since his freshman year."