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2017 Jacksonville Jaguars rookie minicamp: All the tweets, videos, and info

Did you miss the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 2017 rookie minicamp? Of course you did! It was closed to the public. But the team was nice enough to release some pictures, videos, and info from the weekend’s practices — so if you’re looking for all the info in one place, you’re welcome.

Day 1

Anyone other than Leonard Fournette featured in the premiere video from Day 1 of rookie minicamp would feel wrong.

Off the field, Marquez Williams signed his rookie contract just hours after Day 1 practices ended.

Day 2

I’m honestly more intrigued by Dede Westbrook than I am any other rookie. It’ll be interesting to see where the team moves him around and how they use him.

Best damn digital media team in the league. Give them a follow at @Jaguars and watch for more on-field workout news coming later this month when the full roster practices on May 27.