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Cam Robinson isn't sure where the 'playing guard' talk came from

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars traded up in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft to select Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson. It seemed like the Jaguars could potentially end up with Robinson when he surprisingly tumbled out of the first round. Over the weekend, Robinson spoke with reporters for the first time since his initial introduction to the Jacksonville media after the draft. One interesting thing Robinson mentioned was, he's not sure where all the guard talk came from.

"I don't remember. I talked to so many teams," Robinson told reporters on Saturday afternoon after rookie mini-camp. "Teams did talk to me about - I honestly didn't talk to too many teams about playing guard. It was mostly just left tackle or right tackle. That whole guard thing - I don't really know where that came from, to tell you the truth."

Robinson's response shouldn't be a surprise, as a lot of offensive lineman view moving from tackle to guard as a signal they're not good enough to play on the outside. For a case like Robinson however, any move to guard initially would obviously be a temporary assignment, with the idea to kick back outside in the future.

I'm sure some teams did speak to Robinson about playing guard, but given his size it's easy to imagine the majority of teams viewing him as an offensive tackle on either side of the offensive line.

"I think that's a big deal," Robinson said when asked what it would mean to be the Jaguars Week 1 starter at left tackle. "That's not what I'm basing everything off of right now. Right now, like I mentioned, I'm just trying to get in and prove myself to the coaches and to my teammates, prove that I am able to do that, if that's what's needed of me. I'm not really putting any expectations on day one or starting or anything like that. I'm just coming in and just working."

With Branden Albert yet to report to the Jaguars, the team has maintained that Robinson will be able to compete for the starting left tackle position and it's something Robinson clearly has his sights set on.