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Branden Albert might have a good reason for his silence

The Jaguars haven’t heard from Albert, but there’s a reason

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

As has been discussed, the Jaguars haven’t heard from offseason acquisition Branden Albert yet. Albert has been a no-show for voluntary offseason activities, and as Doug Marrone keeps noting, the team has yet to even speak to Albert regarding his absence. However, it seems there may be a good reason for that, according to Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel.

Looking back at the archives, we can see where a “sweetened” new deal was mentioned at the time of the Jaguars trade for Albert. If that is indeed the case, why hasn't it happened yet?

The reasoning for Albert not receiving his new deal is unknown, so it’s a bit of a puzzle as to whats going on between the two parties. It’s really not a big deal at this point, as Albert is only missing voluntary workouts. Considering he is a 10 year veteran, I’m sure he’s well aware of how to keep himself in shape and be ready to go when the practices start counting.

Until Albert shows up, whether it be on his current deal or with a new one, this will continue to be a talking point around Jacksonville. A lot of people have painted Albert as the bad guy in this situation, but if it’s true he was promised a new deal and hasn't received it, he’s doing the right thing by not showing up. Fans and media (and especially the Jaguars brass) will be quick to say “well, he should at least call”, but maybe the Jaguars should hold up their end of the bargain if that’s what was originally agreed to.

Hopefully, both parties can find a resolution to this issue soon, and we can all move on.