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What anonymous scouts have to say about Jaguars draft pick Cam Robinson

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On Monday we took a look at some of the quotes from anonymous scouts on the team's first round draft pick Leonard Fournette, but there was a lot of thought that their second round pick Cam Robinson could be the team's pick at No. 4 overall. He fell all the way to pick No. 34, where the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up one spot for him. Scouts undoubtedly had their takes on Robinson, too.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the best source for these quotes, as he typically will rank prospects and then provide quotes on all of them from anonymous scouts around the league. The ones for Robinson were a little problematic.

Here's what scouts had to say about Robinson, the number one ranked tackle:

1. "At least you know what you're getting," said one scout. "Guy's been a three-year starter (at LT) in the SEC. You can certainly see the potential. He has poor upper-body strength. He missed the entire spring before last season with shoulder surgery and it really affected his ability to play. I think he started overcompensating and got into some poor habits from a technical standpoint."

2. "He hasn't got better since his freshman year," said a second scout. "He's a right tackle to me. I don't trust him to protect (his team's quarterback)."

3. "Very, very erratic," said a third scout. "Lot of penalties. Up and down play."