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Myles Jack, Paul Posluszny helping each other transition

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars officially announced that Myles Jack would be the team’s starting middle linebacker and Paul Posluszny would be making the move to strongside linebacker. The moves weren’t all that surprising, especially Jack making the move to the middle, as he’s clearly the Jaguars plan for the future. The move of Poz was a bit of a surprise, but thankfully the two are helping each other transition to their respective roles.

“Yeah,” Jack said when asked if Poz has been asking him for advice on the strongside position. “It’s kind of funny so we’re both – I mean, I’m asking him more questions than he’s asking me, but every once in a while, he’ll be like so how’d you do this, should I have blitzed this way, little stuff like that. So we’re both kind of leaning on each other just learning new positions and everything.”

No matter how much help Jack gets from Poz on his transition to middle linebacker, he knows that it’s up to his preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly.

“I think as far as difficulty, it is really not difficulty, it is really just me applying myself. Me taking the extra time, before the [NBA] Finals come on to make sure I study and then when the Finals are go off, study again. Just little stuff like that. That’s just honest,” Jack said on Wednesday when asked what the hardest part about moving to the middle will be. “Really just applying myself and taking that time to study it so that way when I come in in the morning, it is fresh on my mind and then we go over it again and then we go out and run it. I am out there on p’s and q’s and we can just run fluidly.”

Even with all his preparation off the field, picking Posluszny’s brain, etc. Jack is going to make mistakes on his move to the middle. A lot of things you can’t prepare for and can’t get taught, it’s just instinct. Those instincts at the position are learned through play and reps, so he’s going to make mistakes while he grows in the position. Putting Jack at the middle now though, allows him to start getting those reps in OTAs, training camp and in the preseason.