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FILM ROOM: Jaguars fullback Marquez Williams

Ground and pound, baby.

Florida A&M v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

It’s May: The offseason is in full swing and there isn’t much to cover regarding the Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL as a whole.

So, naturally, I’m spending my time studying film on the Jaguars newest offensive weapon: 7th round pick Marquez Williams, the fullback out of the University of Miami (as watching fullback film is much more fun than watching the 2017 NBA Playoffs).

What sucks is there isn’t many skills to scout for. The main responsibility of a fullback in a power scheme like the scheme the Jaguars are projected to run next year after drafting Fournette and Williams is to be Fournette’s lead blocker, clearing holes for Fournette to brake through into the next level of the defense.

In watching his film and reading some of his scouting reports, there’s one thing that truly stands out about Williams: He’s a damn good lead blocker.

Don’t just take my word for it, either. William’s game tape is very, very fun.

In the above play, Miami runs what looks like a pro right 21 power — Two receivers, tight end on the right side of the line, fullback winging right while the running back attacks the 1-hole after the left guard pulls.

Williams is responsible in taking the SAM linebacker out of the play. Williams initiates contact with the SAM at the 35 yard line, pushes him up to the 33, and literally turns the SAM’s back to the sideline and runs him all the way back behind the 40 yard line as the whistle blows.

This is fun football. Williams provides a lot of it.

In this play at the goal line — tight right 24 ISO: Two tight ends on the line, with the fullback leading the running back through the 4-hole — Williams runs the linebacker into the back of the endzone for the running back to score untouched.

On this play — tight left 23 ISO — which doesn’t pan out well due to defensive pressure on the center and left guard, Williams still rolls his assigned defender over before he drives the B-gap (3-hole). Early recognition by the defense makes the running back change direction, but once again we see Williams refuse to give up on his assignment and “eat” the linebacker.

The 5-10, 280 lb fullback is a pure lead blocker who should make Leonard Fournette’s life a little easier when taking his hole through the offensive line. He may have been the 240th pick in the NFL Draft, but he is one my favorite selections by the Jaguars in recent memory.