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What anonymous scouts have to say about Jaguars draft pick Dawuane Smoot

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue to look through what some anonymous scouts said about some of the Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 NFL Draft picks, we move on to their first surprise pick of the draft in Illinois defensive end Dawuane Smoot. I'll admit I had to look him up when I got a text that is who they were picking. My first response was "Fred?" but, once I realized who it was they were picking it made a lot of sense.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the best source for these quotes, as he typically will rank prospects and then provide quotes on all of them from anonymous scouts around the league. The ones for Smoot were pretty reasonable, mostly about how he underachieved in 2016 and could be better than what he showed.

Here's what the scouts said about Smoot:

1. "Thought he'd be better this year," said one scout. "Little bit of an underachiever."

2. "Explosive, plays hard, aggressive," said a second scout. "More effort than speed. Savvy rusher. Slippery. Can be physical in the run game and bend the corner. Blue-collar kid with a blue-collar game."

3. "He's a fluid enough athlete (for OLB)," a third scout said. "If you don't mind your outside guy being stiff he can do it. Just kind of an up-field rusher."