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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Michael Lombardi slams picking up Blake Bortles’ fifth-year option

Michael Lombardi slams Jacksonville Jaguars for picking up Blake Bortles’ fifth-year option -
Rich Eisen and Michael Lombardi are none too happy and very confused about the Jacksonville Jaguars’ decision to pick up Blake Bortles’ fifth-year option.

Jacksonville Jaguars will revamp running game -
With the selection of LSU running back Leonard Fournette in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars all but announced they're going to commit to a power run game. The selection of Alabama left tackle Cam Robinson in the second round furthered that announcement. It was discussed at length prior to the draft that if the Jaguars were planning on picking Fournette, as most of us had thought since like... October, they would need to make some drastic changes offensively. The Jaguars confirmed they'd be planning around Fournette now over the weekend.

Jacksonville Jaguars are taking an unnecessary risk around Blake Bortles -
Risk management is critical in football and life in general. It’s a term that just made many of you nod off instantly while thinking about finances and the stock market. And it’s constantly hovering around NFL roster decisions, especially when it comes to the most important and expensive position on the field: quarterback.