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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: What is T.J. Yeldon’s trade value?

Minnesota Vikings v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

What is T.J. Yeldon’s trade value for the Jacksonville Jaguars? -
No player ever wants to become trade bait for his team, but it is something that even the best in the NFL can suddenly become. For T.J. Yeldon, one season removed as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ top workhorse running back, the change may have been quick. While there are no rumors currently swirling about trading Yeldon and the Jaguars still have some value on him as a third running back behind Chris Ivory and Leonard Fournette, the future is simply cloudy at this point.

Matthew Stafford makes the Jacksonville Jaguars a playoff team -
Would a better quarterback make this Jacksonville Jaguars team a Super Bowl contender? No, probably not. But Matthew Stafford would make it a playoff squad. That’s according to Ryan Matthews over at Pride of Detroit who replaced each team’s starting quarterback with Stafford and simulated the 2016 NFL season 31 times to see how many teams would find playoff success with Stafford at the helm. And what were the results?

Malik Jackson speaks about the state of the Jacksonville Jaguars defense -
Jaguars defensive tackle Malik Jackson sat down with First Coast Sports Director Chris Porter to discuss several major topics on Wednesday. The Super Bowl-winning pass rusher spoke about Gus Bradley, the pressures of his big contract, the defense's mindset and more. Porter and Jackson also discussed the player's life outside of football and his favorite role: being a dad.