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30 Day Challenge: All-Time Favorite Jaguars Special Teams Player

Reggie Barlow

The Jacksonville Jaguars are investing quite a bit into their special teams after having some of the worst units in the league the last few years.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

Back when Tom Coughlin was both head coach and general manager, he would draft players who were special teamers first and backups second. Blair Brown, Jalen Myrick, and Dede Westbrook may contribute on offense and defense, but these are special teams players first and foremost.

And when you’re thinking of special teams players who stick with you, it will likely be a different guy for everyone answering. Montell Owens was a Pro Bowl selection as a special teams player. Elvis Joseph has one of the best names hands down.

My favorite special teams player? Reggie Barlow, hands down.

A fourth-round selection in the 1996 NFL Draft, Barlow quickly led the NFL in punt return yardage, with 43 returns for 555 yards and a touchdown in just his third season and was named a Pro Bowl alternate. He still ranks among the career leaders for the Jaguars for most punt returns (79) and most punt return yards (967).

Barlow ended his career with the Jaguars with a 7.8-yard punt return average and a 30.0-yard kick return average.