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Cam Robinson pick doesn’t bother Branden Albert

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-OTA Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

With Branden Albert returning to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday and participating in mandatory mini-camp on Tuesday morning, the team can finally begin to sort out exactly what they’re going to do on the offensive line. The team has consistently said they want to get the “best five” on the field, which is smart, but it also might involve either Albert or second round pick Cam Robinson kicking inside to the guard position.

Understandably, neither likely want to play the guard position and neither may. Each is going to want to play left tackle, because that’s where both have played the majority of their career and it’s a more lucrative position. Some think picking Robinson in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft was a clear message to Albert, but he’s not taking it personally and thinks it’s good for the team.

“It’s good for the team. That makes sure I don’t stay complacent. That makes sure that I work out,” Albert said when asked how he reacted to the team drafting Robinson in the second round. “I didn’t take it for granted. It happened to me in Kansas City. It happened to be in Miami. It’s nothing new.”

Albert certainly has the right attitude, at least based on what he’s saying to the press. Like he said, it’s not anything he hasn’t dealt with before in his NFL career and he doesn’t seem bitter about it.

“I’m going to help Cam the best that I can to make him a better player,” Albert continued. “I’m secure in myself as a man and as a football player and as a man of the Lord. Nothing shakes me. I don’t fear anything. I don’t mean that in any old way. I’m going to help each and every young guy the best that I can and help myself at the same time.”

While Albert will need to work his way into game shape now that he feels he got his body right, everything else seems smooth sailing. He’s certainly saying everything you want to hear from someone that skipped voluntary workouts.