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84 days to kickoff: Where does Cecil Shorts rank among all-time Jaguars receivers?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

With just 84 days until kickoff, let’s talk about where the greatest No. 84 in Jacksonville Jaguars history ranks among its all-time receivers — Cecil Shorts!

Cecil Shorts III (2011-2014)

For as much crap as Shorts got (and to a small degree still gets) he's the fifth-leading receiver in Jaguars history and finished his career with a 13.3 yards-per-reception average. His rookie season was a train wreck, but when he was healthy he gave the Jaguars a receiving threat when there were very few on the field.

Without Justin Blackmon on the field, Shorts had to do more than he probably should have, but even when he was running routes alongside the likes of Ace Robinson and Mike Robinson — two guys who were not demanding coverage by opponents — he still found ways to get open. He caught flack for drops and his targets-to-receptions ratio, but he was still the most productive receiver in his few years with the team.

This all begs the question — where does Shorts rank among Jaguars receivers? He’s the fifth-most productive in terms of yards, but are his 12 touchdowns in four seasons a result of poor quarterback play (yes), a lack of talent himself (yes), or the fact that he was sometimes the only receiver who demanded coverage (yes)?

What do you think? Where does Shorts rank among all-time Jaguars receivers?