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Todd Wash has no hard feelings with Jaguars scheme criticisms

NFL: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense had a nice season last year, ranking much higher overall than most anticipated, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without it’s issues. Some of the issues boiled over due to frustration, especially after the firing of former head coach Gus Bradley. This led to some players, who would be returning this season, speaking out about the Jaguars defense and the unhappiness with their roles. That outspokenness became more awkward when the team announced Todd Wash would be retained as the defensive coordinator.

It hasn’t been brought up much since the start of the new offseason program, but that’s probably because Wash understood the player(s) were speaking from frustration more than anything.

“I think it was,” Wash said when asked if the criticism came from players being frustrated. “Any time that you’re 3-13, you tend to be a little pissed off about it. He was frustrated, I was frustrated. We were all frustrated of losing. We’re sick and tired of it. Hopefully we can change things around and win some football games.”

Thankfully, Wash wasn’t bothered by the criticism and admits he was frustrated with some things as well.

“We had some conversations. There’s no doubt. As soon as we were able to with the new agreement, the CBA, we were able to sit down and talk about it,” Wash said on Thursday when asked about overcoming the frustrations of last season. “Both of us were frustrated by the comments. We understand where they came from, had a great conversation. We understand that all of that stuff needs to stay in-house. Once again, they can say what they want. They’re grown men. We’ll talk about that stuff when it happens one-on-one.”

The Jaguars defense surprised a lot of people last season, being as good as it was even with the offensive struggles, but it looks to me that much better this season. Even if it has to drag the offense a long with it.