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30 Day Challenge: Most Overrated Jaguars Player

For the month of June we'll ask a different Jacksonville Jaguars related question to our readers. It’s the dead season and this will help us all get to know each other a little better.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

As we continue through the month of June and into the heart of the deadzone, we’re going to continue with the 30 Day Challenge, this time moving on to a question that I think will have a wide array of answers.

Who is the most overrated Jacksonville Jaguars player?

There are a good number of players I think fit this bill and I could have chose to go with the super hot take, but since I’m sick and probably don’t feel up to supporting my case in the comments I decided to go with a lesser hot take pick, and choose former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver/tight end Ernest Wilford.

It may be Wilford isn’t rated as highly as he once was, but from my memory he was very hyped and when you just look at his overall numbers (156 receptions, 2,145 yards, 15 touchdowns in seven seasons) it seems ridiculous that he was. If you remember the context of when he played it’s understandable why he was so highly thought of.

He was the mid-round pick foiled with Top 10 pick Reggie Williams and in his very first NFL game, he caught a game winning touchdown against the Buffalo Bills. Wilford did have a handful of clutch catches in his Jaguars career, but for the large part he was kind of an OK third receiver, which is perfectly fine, more so than the hyped play maker a lot of people remember him for.