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80 days until kickoff: Let’s talk about this 80-yard Allen Hurns touchdown

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

With just 80 days until kickoff, let’s talk about this beautiful 80-yard touchdown by Agent 88 — Mr. Allen Hurns!

The Jacksonville Jaguars are down 13-9 to the Indianapolis Colts in a late-season game in which they should be winning. Just before halftime, Andre Branch had probably the most important play of his Jaguars career — strip-sacking Matt Hasselback and taking the fumble recovery to the house for a touchdown.

But now it was the offense’s turn. Blake Bortles rolls out to his right on a designed play and looks downfield for Hurns who has a defender in front of him and behind him.

The Blake Bortles Special, everyone!

But instead of either player making a play, the ball is placed nicely into a tight window and Hurns makes a tough catch. And then he breaks a tackle. And then he runs down the right sideline for the go-ahead score — a lead the Jaguars would extend and go on to win 51-16.

It was utter dominance from a Jaguars team that has given us little to root for on the field in recent years. And one of the defining plays of the game was Hurns making a tough catch and turning it into an 80-yard touchdown.