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Deadspin ranks Jaxson DeVille as No. 32 mascot in pro sports

In the wake of Mr. Met and his righteous persecution at the hands of diaper-wearing adults who can’t stand a fictional character giving opposing fans a fictional middle finger, Deadspin decided to rank every mascot in pro sports from 1 to 70.

Barry Petchesky noted that lame mascots weren’t included, meaning that this wouldn’t span every single professional sports team but only the ones we’ve presumably heard of.

(And when I say “presumably heard of” I mean recognizing when you do a Google image search of their name.)

So where was Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille? Let’s see here...

32nd overall?!

You’re telling me the mascot who created the most patriotic image in the history of America is only 32nd?

The same Jaxson DeVille who literally set himself on fire for the sake of glory and a good show?

The same Jaxson DeVille who beat Tim Tebow’s ass across the pond?

The same Jaxson DeVille who ate paintballs as part of a bet gone horribly, horribly wrong (and weird)?

Sorry, Barry. But you and the rest of the Deadspin staff are sorely mistaken.