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75 days until kickoff: Remember when Johnathan Cyprien was extremely petty to Delanie Walker and it was amazing?

With just 75 days until kickoff, let’s talk about the greatest thing Johnathan Cyprien ever did — completely destroy Delanie Walker after the first win of the Gus Bradley era.

“Good game, bro.”

Delanie Walker, the 75th overall player in NFL Network’s “Top 100 Players” list this year, was a bit brash going into the 2013 season. And when the 0-8 Jacksonville Jaguars came into the Tennessee Titans’ house and earned the first win of Gus Bradley’s career, Walker had had enough.

"It's disgusting. I'm disappointed. I'm embarrassed. A team that's 0-8 comes in here and beats us? Beats us on our home field, that's 0-8, the Jaguars? Come on," Walker told the media after Sunday's game. "Talking about first place? Talking about first place? We just got whooped by the Jaguars. We ain't talking first place no more. It's out the window. We've got to come back and play the Colts. I don't know how everybody's gonna handle it. I mean, we lost to the Jaguars."

Meltdown city.

Shortly after, word of the disrespecting comments must have reached the Jaguars players’ ears because Cyprien had three simple words for Walker.

That’s newly signed Titans strong safety Johnathan Cyprien and (at the time) former Titans defensive lineman Sen’Derrick Marks having fun at Walker’s expense.

We didn’t have many highlights during Bradley’s tenure as head coach, but the first win and the subsequent pettiness of Cyprien and Marks was certainly one of them.