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30 Day Challenge: Which Rookie Did You Absolutely Whiff On?

For the month of June we'll ask a different Jacksonville Jaguars related question to our readers. It’s the dead season and this will help us all get to know each other a little better.

Everyone has that gem they identify in NFL free agency or the NFL Draft that they pluck. The diamond in the rough they see that no one else does and they like to brag about it when it works out. The problem is, no one ever likes talking about that player you were really high on in the draft who never worked out, the guy who ended up a total bust.

So, who was the Jacksonville Jaguars draft pick that you completely whiffed on in your evaluation?

For me, it was wide receiver Reggie Williams.

Man, I thought he was going to be Terrell Owens 2.0, for sure. You saw him at Washington turn those short slants into long touchdowns, breaking tackles and his yards after catch ability.

He wasn’t anything close.

Williams ended up playing five seasons for the Jaguars and for his career had just 189 receptions for 2,322 yards and 18 touchdowns. He did set the single season record for touchdowns in his best season as a Jag, in 2007 with 10, but otherwise he was a massive disappointment as a Top 10 pick.