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72 days until kickoff: Well, obviously, we’re gonna talk about Leon Searcy

Leon Searcy

With just 72 days until kickoff, let’s talk about Leon Searcy — the baddest mother who ever wore No. 72 with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Uh Oh, The Jaguars Super Bowl Song”

Searcy may not be remembered among the greats in Jaguars history. Searching for his highlights on YouTube or reveals very little in the way of remembrance for his professional days (although there’s quite a bit from his Miami days).

That’s an absolute travesty.

Searcy was the thunder to Tony Boselli’s everpresent lightning on the best stretch of Jaguars teams in franchise history. The former Miami product and Pittsburgh Steelers first round draft pick was the perfect complement to Boselli, protecting left-handed Mark Brunell’s blindside throughout the late 1990’s.

Searcy played all but one game he was signed for the Jaguars — 63 of 64 regular season games and every playoff game of the late 1990’s.

But Searcy’s greatest contribution was off the field, admittedly writing every word of the 1996 hit single, “Uh Oh! The Jaguars Super Bowl Song”. That’s right, No. 72 said wrote every verse to the infamous song. Am I drinking bourbon and jamming to this track as I write this? Absolutely.