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Paul Posluszny on switch to SAM: ‘I’m not reading and reacting as fast as I need to be’

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The switch from middle linebacker has been an uphill battle for Paul Posluszny. But if it’s one that helps the Jacksonville Jaguars win more games, he’s all for it.

"They said it's going to be what's best for the team, so that's what we're going to do,” Posluszny said in April when he was informed of the switch he’d have to make. "For 10 years I've played middle linebacker. My entire perspective of how to play football in the NFL, my entire identity has been that and now it's not the case."

Now, nearly two months later, Posluszny is able to describe some of those challenges he knew he’d have to overcome.

“My eyes. The perspective that I’m trying to gain information from,” Posluszny said on Tuesday after practice when asked what the most difficult part of the transition has been. “Playing stack linebacker, I’m five yards off the ball, I’m looking right at quarterback, running back, center, guard, that was my field of vision. Now, it’s seeing things from the edge or reading the tight end as my key and gaining all of my information off of that. That’s been the most challenging thing for me.”

Has the adjustment slowed Posluszny down on the practice field?

“I’m not reading and reacting as fast as I need to be,” Posluszny said. “That needs to continually get better and better.”

It was pretty evident Posluszny didn't seem too happy with the decision to move him to the SAM linebacker role without a real competition for the middle linebacker position, but he understands that if it's what helps the team win more games he's willing to go through it.

Now that the Jaguars have dumped the OTTO position, it still remains to be seen what exactly the role of the SAM linebacker in 2017 will be with Posluszny.