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90 days until kickoff: Let’s talk about Tony Brackens


With just 90 days until kickoff, let’s talk about the greatest No. 90 the Jacksonville Jaguars have ever known — Tony Brackens!

Tony Brackens (1996-2003)

55 sacks.

49 passes defended.

28 forced fumbles.

13 fumble recoveries.

1 touchdown.

He's the single-season sack leader and all-time sack leader for the Jaguars.

Tony Brackens wound up with an eight-year career in the NFL playing his entire career with the Jaguars. In the 1999 season alone, Brackens had a Pro-Bowl season with 12 sacks, two interceptions, and eight forced fumbles. He was the type of defensive end the Jaguars desperately need currently, someone the offense has to know where they're at at all times.

After another double digit sack season in 2001, Brackens began having multiple leg injuries that ultimately wound up dooming his career in the NFL. He played his final season as a Jaguar in 2003, netting 6.0 sacks, but it was clear he didn't have much left in the tank after all his injuries.

This video is how I want to remember him though. (Skip ahead to 3:55 for Tony Brackens dancing on Dan Marino's grave.)