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Why Jaguars CB A.J. Bouye and S Jalen Ramsey can live up to the hype

Chicago Bears v Houston Texans Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars added quite a few high-profile players to their roster in free agency and the draft this year.

The defensive line got an upgrade with veteran Calais Campbell.

The offense is now in the hands of 22-year-old Leonard Fournette.

Whoever is quarterback in the years to come will be protected by highly touted offensive tackle Cam Robinson.

But there’s one player I’m most excited to see play this year — and it’s newly signed cornerback A.J. Bouye.

Jalen Ramsey showed he’s a bonafide star in this league last year and yet the Jaguars signed Bouye to a contract that saw him get $26 million in guaranteed money.

Bouye was considered to be the best cornerback on the free agent market, starting 11 games in place of an injured Kevin Johnson last year, allowing only 47.9% of his targets to be completed, and averaging only 10.8 yards per reception. His biggest knock is probably the same as Ramsey’s — lack of interceptions. Bouye had just one interception and 16 defended passes in 2016, and recorded just five interceptions in his three years before that.

So why am I so excited in Bouye? Because I want to see what he does with a Pro Bowl-caliber cornerback in Ramsey opposite him. After all, the Texans didn’t expect Bouye to be as good as he is — putting him behind Johnson on the depth chart and only playing him last year because of injury. Local Houston media said not to overpay him last year before free agency, and yet here we are.

Which Jaguars player (or position group) are you most excited to see in 2017?