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53 days until kickoff: Elvis Dumervil’s facemask and a 53-yard Jason Myers kick

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

With just 53 days until kickoff, no Jacksonville Jaguars list is complete without talking about Elvis Dumervil, Blake Bortles’ facemask, Jason Myers’ 53-yard field goal, and quite possibly the greatest hanxing in franchise history.

“And Jacksonville with a miraculous road win!”

When I tell you I’ve never laughed harder in my life after a Jaguars game, I mean it. For the first 58 minutes this was as sloppy, mistake-ridden, uninteresting a game as you could ask for.

And then Blake Bortles.

With three seconds left (THREE) the Jaguars got their final snap off. Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson run to the end zone while Allen Hurns stares at the sideline inexplicably. T.J. Yeldon is behind the line of scrimmage providing an emergency option and Julius Thomas is jogging in the middle of the field looking back at the Ravens defense all over his quarterback.

Go Jaguars.

And then Elvis Dumervil grabs Bortles by the facemask and the penalty is called immediately.

15 yards.

One final kick.

Jason Myers — who missed field goals and extra points on the day — drilled a 53-yarder with no time remaining.

Tears. Real tears.