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Top 25 Jacksonville Jaguars plays of 2016: Jalen Ramsey vs. Steve Smith

In at No. 25 is the off-field play of the year: Jalen Ramsey vs. Steve Smith.

Jalen Ramsey was one of the best players in the NFL in 2016 even if the Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the worst teams. It’s not often that a player of Ramsey’s talent and confidence is worth watching a team as bad as the one he plays on, but it’s evident to even the most casual observer — Ramsey is a shutdown cornerback and Pro Bowl-caliber talent.

Ramsey’s coming out party? Week 3 against the Baltimore Ravens when he went toe-to-toe with Steve veteran receiver Steve Smith.

It all started in the fourth quarter of the game when Steve Smith was upset after Paul Posluszny's interception on a tip of Joe Flacco's pass. Smith went after Jalen and Malik Jackson cleaned up.

Then after the game, several local media members asked Jalen about Smith. The comments — well, let's just say Jalen didn't mince words.

"Y'all tell me who got in whose head," Ramsey said after the game. "He came up to me after the game? Y'all tell me who got in whose head. He's an old man acting like that ... He's still a good player. I'll say that about him. But I don't respect him as a man."

And then four hours after the final whistle, Smith responded.

Love you, Jalen.