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Top 25 Jacksonville Jaguars plays of 2016: Marcedes Lewis’ 37-yard gallop vs. Packers

In at No. 23 is Marcedes Lewis showing he's still got it.

The Jacksonville Jaguars started off the 2016 NFL season with a dramatic, wonderous, typical loss to the Green Bay Packers by a score of 27-23.

The referees missed call after call, the play-calling (especially in the run game) was a disaster, the pass rush was ineffective, Aaron Rodgers threw one of the most miraculous passes I’ve ever seen in an NFL game, and the final play of the game was a bubble screen to Allen Hurns on fourth down because GO JAGUARS.

But at least we got to see Marcedes Lewis rumble his way 37 yards, his longest of the season.

It was a typical Lewis catch-and-run — make the first guy miss, follow your blocks, look a little less-than-graceful while doing it, but still get the job done.

Lewis finished the 2016 season with only 169 yards and a single touchdown, but hopefully he’s still got one or two of these left in the tank for this year.