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Gil Brandt’s all-time top 32 wide receivers: Where’s Jimmy Smith?

Jimmy Smith is perhaps curiously absent from Gil Brandt’s list.

San Francisco 49ers vs Jacksonville Jaguars - December 18, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

When NFL analyst Gil Brandt released his top 32 wide receivers of all time, Jacksonville Jaguars fans may have been scrolling through waiting to get to Jimmy Smith.

Spoiler alert — he wasn’t there.

Just one man on the entire list had suited up for Jacksonville, and it wasn’t ‘Lightning’. Was the greatest Jaguars wide receiver ever snubbed? Let’s investigate.

Brandt makes the kind of criteria he is ranking his receivers by pretty clear. Number 32 is Torry Holt — the aforementioned lone Jaguars player on the list, playing for the Jaguars in 2009.

Holt’s achievements, as listed by Brandt: one-time Super Bowl champion, seven-time Pro Bowler, one-time First Team All Pro, 13,382 receiving yards, and 74 receiving touchdowns. Those are some pretty strong achievements.

So if Holt is the lowest bar a new receiver needs to jump in order to make the list, does Smith have a case?

Smith actually does have two Super Bowl rings — obviously, they weren’t won in Jacksonville, but Smith won them in his two years with the Dallas Cowboys, where he played in seven games without a single catch. Holt’s ring is from Super Bowl XXXIV, when his St. Louis Rams famously hung on to beat the fast-finishing Tennessee Titans. In that game, Holt had seven receptions from 11 targets, 109 yards, and a touchdown. Advantage Holt.

Holt also has the edge in Pro Bowl appearances. He has seven from 11 seasons, whereas Smith has five from 12, and Holt’s were achieved on better teams. Holt also has one First Team All-Pro nod against Smith’s two Second Team nods.

Holt’s 13,382 receiving yards and 74 receiving touchdowns also trump Smith’s 12,287 and 67. Again, Holt achieved those on better teams, in one less season.

It’s a hard pill to swallow for Jaguars fans, but unfortunately, I think Smith’s the 33rd man on a top 32.


What do you think? Should Smith be on the list anyway? Let us know in the comments.