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Will Dante Fowler, Jr. face suspension from NFL or Jaguars?

Oakland Raiders v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

News broke Wednesday morning that Jacksonville Jaguars third-year defensive end Dante Fowler, Jr. had been arrested on Tuesday evening for misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief. Fowler was later released on bond early Wednesday morning, but the bad news for Fowler didn’t end there as we found out he had been arrested for assault back in March of 2016 and compiled at least 10 traffic citations in a 20 month span.

Needless to say, it was a busy day on Wednesday.

The biggest question I’ve gotten on the Dante Fowler situation, outside of what kind of cap ramifications are there if the Jaguars decide to release him (Don’t worry about it, they won’t.), is questioning if Fowler will face discipline from either the Jaguars as a team or from the league.

With the current rules of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the actual Jaguars themselves as a franchise can’t really do much of anything.

As for the league, it’s unlikely anything other than maybe a fine will happen with Fowler, given that it’s a misdemeanor. His previous arrest and litany of traffic tickets combined with the new arrest might show enough of a pattern where the NFL might feel a fine is appropriate, but given it’s just a misdemeanor something like a suspension is highly unlikely.