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49 days until kickoff: It’s time to talk about Matt Jones, people

With just 49 days until kickoff, let’s talk about Matt Jones, one of the biggest draft busts in Jacksonville Jaguars history whose longest NFL reception was just 49 yards.


Some would call the ending of the four-year career of Matt Jones with the Jaguars sad, as the 2005 first-round pick was released from the team just days after a second arrest that stemmed from a cocaine possession charge in July of 2008.

Plenty of others wouldn't be so sympathetic to the plights of a 6'6 athlete with world-class speed and a five-year, $8.45 million contract.

There were a lot of red flags about Jones leading up to the Jaguars making him a first-round pick — work ethic, maturity — and a 2013 story from Houston Nutt, former coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks while Jones was the team's starting quarterback, shed a little light on the mental state of the future Jaguars receiver.

“One day Matt Jones was in the huddle and our offensive line coach was really barking at him 'Get to line of scrimmage, you're taking too long, come on Matt, get the signal.' Matt gets in the huddle and says 'Rodney' — now Rodney was this character — 'Rodney doesn't like it when Coach Markuson yells at me.’”

Alternate personalities, huh? Go Jaguars.