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Top 25 Jacksonville Jaguars plays of 2016: Jalen Ramsey tip, Tashaun Gipson pick

In at No. 14 is Jalen Ramsey's fast break on a pass to tip it up in the air and Tashaun Gipson's easy interception.

The Jacksonville Jaguars might have lost against the Baltimore Ravens early last season, but it certainly wasn’t the fault of the defense. And it definitely wasn’t the fault of Jalen Ramsey, who made the play of the game that week.

Late in the game, with the Jaguars up 17-16, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw a pass intended for tight end Dennis Pitta. Ramsey broke off his own coverage and (somehow) got his hand on the ball. And (again, somehow) the pass was tipped to Tashaun Gipson who caught the ball and started running.

Then Ramsey got up and started running — catching up to Gipson so he could start hitting Ravens players. He threw himself into Ravens center Jeremy Zuttah and then got a hit in on Pitta before Gipson was down.

Let’s hope Blake Bortles and the Jaguars offense starts taking advantage of these Pro Bowl-caliber plays from Ramsey in 2017.