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Barry Church: The Jaguars “have a lot more talent” than the Cowboys

NFL: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In the few times he’s been behind the microphone, new Jacksonville Jaguars strong safety Barry Church has been on the mild-mannered side, not straying too far from the typical answers to the typical questions.

Not today.

After Friday training camp practice, Church was asked about the similarities and differences between his new team in the Jaguars and his old team in the Dallas Cowboys.

“The culture is pretty much the same,” Church said. “We have a real close group like we did in Dallas. We have a real close group here. We had a real close group, but I was just a little bit younger when I was in Dallas. I feel like we have a lot more talent than we did over there. We just have to keep plugging away and get ready for Week 1.”

And what about the difference in training camps? How does it compare to the Cowboys?

“It is a lot more demanding. A lot more periods. I think we had about 18 today. Back on my old team we probably had about 12 or something like that. Like [Coach Doug Marrone] said, there are a lot of new players in here, the coaching staff is trying to figure out who fits where. We need a lot of periods and we need all that to get the chemistry down. We are just working on that and getting ready.”

Church spent the first seven years of his career in Dallas, a starter for the last four, and team captain on last year’s 13-3 team, so he certainly knows the ins and outs of Cowboys training camp.

It’s a heck of a statement to make just two days into training camp, but when you’ve only won 17 games in five seasons you’ve got to do something to keep spirits up.