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66 days until kickoff: The legend of Cap Capi

NFL: Preseason-Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

With just 66 days until kickoff, let us remember one of the many preseason heroes for the Jacksonville Jaguars who was cut by this team despite putting up productive numbers — Cap Capi.

August 14, 2015

The Pittsburgh Steelers were coming to town to help us open the preseason at EverBank Field. This was an exciting year. Bortles was coming into his third season, the rest of the AFC South looked underwhelming — the Jaguars had a small chance to actually steal this thing away from the other teams in the division.

All they needed was a pass rush.

Things didn’t look very good for the starters or even the backups, but then the backups’ backups came in and No. 66 was making some impact plays.

The only problem is, we had no idea who No. 66 was.

Cap Capi was unheard of before the Steelers game and afterwards he looked to potentially have a spot on the 53 -man roster. He kept his play up all preseason, albeit against backups. But we needed all the pass rush we could get, right?


The best name in professional sports was cut and we were left scratching our head why. He didn’t even get a chance to play on our practice squad, signing with the Baltimore Ravens in October of that year and then getting signed by the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s to you, Cap Capi.