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Top 25 Jacksonville Jaguars plays of 2016: Allen Hurns breaking tackles vs. Colts

In at No. 11 is a fantastic run after the catch by Allen Hurns on the way to a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts.

Outside of an elimination game, the Jacksonville Jaguars were playing as much of a must-win game as they could have against the Indianapolis Colts in front of an international crowd in London. They needed to impress their international crowd, they needed a first win of the season, and they needed to salvage whatever they could before a critical early-season bye week.

And they did just that.

Late in the game, with the Jaguars up only 23-20 but the Colts scoring points at will, on a drive where it looked like we were going to go three-and-out and simply turn it over, the team was able to do something they haven't all year long — sustain a drive.

Bortles completed two consecutive passes to T.J. Yeldon for first downs on the drive, getting the Jaguars past midfield. He then completed a short pass to Allen Hurns, who made a couple of nifty moves and turned what looked to be a short gain into a 42 yard touchdown, giving the Jaguars a 30-20 lead.

It proved to be the final points of the game for the Jaguars and just enough to secure a victory.