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64 days until kickoff: Let’s talk about John Jurkovic

With just 64 days until kickoff, let’s talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars player I’d most want to have a beer with — John Jurkovic!

I don’t think I’ve ever known a Jaguars player who more embodied the archetype of “guy in the bar who said he could hang with NFL players and then one day actually does it” more than him.

Jurkovic played for the Green Bay Packers before that magical 1996 season and when he came to Jacksonville he was as old-school a defensive tackle as you could get. He stopped the run, he plugged gaps — he beloved by fans in the early days of the Jaguars due to his gregarious attitude and passion during play.

One of my favorite Jurkovic memories is when the defense needed a breather late in a game and he feigned injury. I don’t remember the opponent, but I do remember it being painfully obvious to everyone that he wasn’t really injured and that he was just trying to buy time for his team.

Jurkovic is now a midday show host on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago. I’m sure he’s got some stories to tell.