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Big Cat Country Q&A: How good does Blake Bortles have to be to keep his job?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another round of Jacksonville Jaguars questions. Let’s get to it!

David from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Q: How good does Blake Bortles have to be to keep his job?

A: Amazingly — it doesn’t have to be that good for him to stay. I believe he’ll be judged on two things: turnover ratio and wins. If he can cut down on turnovers, even at the expense of yards and touchdowns, I believe Bortles will be the quarterback for 2018. If he’s able to limit his mistakes so much so that the team remains in a position to win (or — gasp! — actually wins) Bortles is gonna get paid next offseason.

Gregory from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you see the Jaguars changing their mentality when it comes to third down conversions this season? I feel they've relied on breaking tackles and yards-after-catch too much in recent seasons.

A: When Leonard Fournette is your No. 4 overall draft pick, you’ve changed your mentality. Third downs will be a few yards shorter on average this season and there will be more runs on third and fourth downs. It’s the Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin show.

Onterrio from Jacksonville, FL

Q: I'm hearing alot about Leonard Fournette, but how are Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon doing? Are they in competition for RB2?

A: Chris Ivory is firmly the RB2 on this Jaguars team and Yeldon is a depth guy / third down option. The roles are very clear.

Anthony from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Should Dave Caldwell return in 2018?

A: He shouldn’t have returned in 2017.

Tyson from Tacoma, WA

Q: With the new league rule of no mandatory roster cuts until the end of pre-season how much, if any, significance does that add to pre-season? Especially for those lower on the depth chart?

A: I think you’ll see less reps by the starters. More guys to see plus an excuse to not put your most valuable guys in harm’s way during a meaningless game.

Fred from Naples, FL

Q: Do you have any updates on the health of Allen Hurns? I am hearing rumors that he has yet another concussion.

A: The team hasn’t released any information about Hurns. I want to know as much as y’all do.

Jake from Washington D.C.

Q: What would you define as (stats-wise or other) a success rookie year for Leonard Fournette?

A: I think there are a few ways to evaluate Fournette. From a stats perspective, if he’s not finishing 2017 with double-digit scores, he’s underwhelmed. But from a situational standpoint, you’re bringing in Fournette to extend drives. Look at how he does on third downs. Are his best runs in our red zone, or is he getting valuable yards in valuable parts of the field? Is he getting us from punting territory to field goal territory? Look at the situations in which Fournette is being called upon, don’t just look at the box scores.