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8 observations from the Jaguars 31-24 win over the Patriots.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1. There was not much to take away from Blake Bortles performance.

There was a lot of discussion about Blake Bortles going into this game for the Jaguars, as he would get his first action in 2017. However, there was not much to take away from Bortles performance. Bortles completed a couple of check down throws, and had a potential third down conversion dropped by Rashad Greene. Besides that, Bortles night was a fairly quiet one. I know both Bortles supporters, and Bortles critics wanted to see their opinions of the quarterback come true. Unfortunately, we really didn't learn much either way about Bortles for now.

2. Leonard Fournette looked as explosive as advertised.

If the Jaguars are truly going to go to a ground and pound, run the ball the majority of the game type of team, Fournette seems like just the guy they are going to need. Fournette didn't have any huge gains on his carries, but it was the first time we got to see the force Fournette is when he gets his legs moving. Fournette made his presence most felt on a crucial play for the Jaguars. On 4th and 1, Fournette got the ball up the middle on plowed for an 8 yard gain, carrying defenders with him. Short yardage has been a problem for the Jaguars for what seems like forever (cough cough, Toby Gerhart), and Fournette may be the solution to their problem. All in all, Fournette looked good, seemed to always fall forward, and looked explosive out of the backfield. A good start for the star out of LSU.

3. The offensive line, for the most part, was good enough.

The offensive line has been the story of Jaguars training camp, especially with the whole Branden Albert debacle. Nevertheless, the Jaguars are opting to go without Albert, as the line leaves many fans, including myself, feeling more than slightly uncomfortable. Tonight was a small step forward however, as the line held up pretty well. There were a couple of plays that got blown up, but the line seemed to get a good push when running the ball. Look, no on is expecting this line to be a top unit, but there will have to at least creep up to average if they want to run a successful offense this season.

Also, Cam Robinson looked impressive in his first ever action. Robinson played into the 3rd quarter, and was able to hold his own. Any game where a rookie left tackle doesn't leave you with an "oh crap" play, is a good one in my books.

4. The second unit has some explosive players, and that is a lot of fun.

Many people tune in to watch the starters in the preseason, but the Jaguars back up's are the ones who set some fireworks off tonight. Keenan Cole, who has been turning heads all training camp, showed off his speed with a 97 yard touchdown catch from Chad Henne. Cole has been praised all camp, and he might actually have a shot to make this roster. I think it is safe to assume the Jaguars top 5 receiver spots are taken (Robinson, Lee, Hurns, Westbrook, and Benn for special teams), but Cole has a shot to upheave Rashad Greene, especially If Greene continues to struggle.

Corey Grant also showed off his explosiveness, as he had an impressive 79 yard run. Grant balled out in the last game of the year against the Colts, and his performance tonight leaves many fans salivating over his big play potential. Now, I saw many people calling for TJ Yeldon's head after that run. Which leads me to make couple of points. First, Yeldon isn't going to get cut. Second, Yeldon is the teams 3rd down back, and unless Grant has majorly improved his pass protection, will not upheave Yeldon's spot in that role. Lastly, Grant will most likely make the team as the 4th running back, as most expect the team to keep 4 this upcoming season.

Dede Westbrook saw the two guys above him ball out, and figured he would join the party was well. Westbrook caught a 42 yard pass from Brandon Allen, which added to the Jaguars explosive plays of the night. Yes, the corner may have blown the assignment on Westbrook. However, Westbrooks speed was on full display on that go route, and his explosiveness is something that the offense should look to use to their advantage this upcoming season.

5. Yannick Ngakoue and Sheldon Day both had impressive nights.

Ngakoue started the game off with a bang, as he sacked Jimmy Garoppolo on a 3rd and 1 for a 7 yard loss. Ngakoue had a great first step on the play, and beat the left tackle to get to the quarterback. Ngakoue also had a great quarterback pressure later in the game, as he was milliseconds away from another sack, but was able to disrupt the throw into an incompletion. Ngakoue has looked good all camp, and with performances like these, his stock will only rise.

Sheldon Day had a good night himself, as he looked like the only guy on the second unit who could generate any pressure. Day blew up a few plays, and his jump off the line of scrimmage looked fantastic. Day will play a much bigger role this coming year, and he looks the part so far.

6. On the other end, Dante Fowler Jr. looked mediocre at best.

After Bortles and the offensive line, Dante Fowler Jr. has probably been the biggest story of training camp. Coming off a recent arrest, and a disappointing year in 2016, all eyes have been on the former Florida standout. Fowler just seemed to look outmatched a lot of plays, and could not create any pressure on passing downs. Fowler did make some nice plays in the game, and does seem to have a knack for the ball in running situations. However, Fowlers lack of ability in pass rush will continue to be under a microscope until he proves otherwise.

7. Myles Jack and an up-and-down game.

Since the day he was drafted, Myles Jack was destined to get a shot at middle linebacker for the Jaguars. In his first full time action at it tonight, Jack left some to be desired. Jack took some weird angles, and looked out of sorts sometimes. Jack did well at some points in run fits, but his overall performance was up and down at best. This is not something to panic about, as it is his first live action at middle linebacker. However, Jack will need to continue to improve in order for this defense to reach its ceiling.

8. The Jaguars have never been able to cover tight ends in my lifetime.

I am 22 years old, and in all my years of watching the Jaguars, they can never stop the damn tight end. Doesn't matter the scheme, the offense,  or the opponent. Every damn time. A guy I had never heard of before tonight, Jacob Hollister, lit the Jaguars up for 7 receptions, for 116 yards. Am I exaggerating the problem? Most likely. However, the middle of the field for opposing offenses has been open season for as long as I can remember. Lets hope this changes sometime in our lifetimes.