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24 days until kickoff: Read our very first predictions about T.J. Yeldon

Minnesota Vikings v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

With just 24 days until kickoff, let’s talk about No. 24 on the Jacksonville Jaguars and share our very first predictions about T.J. Yeldon just a few days after he was drafted. This is taken from a May 4, 2015 article and it’s written by the magnanimous @HankJoness.

Why drafting T.J. Yeldon makes sense

I am still not very fond of this pick, and I will explain why later, but there are truly more reasons why this pick makes sense then why it doesn't.

For starters, it shows the Jaguars willingness to change their approach to building the offense, an approach that has been an offseason long process. Through the additions of players like Yeldon, A.J. Cann, Jermey Parnell, and Stefan Wisniewski, the Jaguars have made it clear that they intend to be a much more physical, run oriented offense then they have in the last 2 years. Yeldon comes from the same type of philosophy in Alabama, so the fit is clear.

Yeldon is also a player who ran a good amount of both Gap and Zone based run plays at Alabama, which is beneficial since the Jaguars are transitioning from a ZBS only to a OL that looks like it can run a healthy mix of the 2. He also has a ton of experience as both a pass blocker and receiver out of the backfield, which is noteworthy since it is expected for him to take the bulk of Jax's carries and see the most snaps.

Why drafting T.J. Yeldon doesn’t make sense

From a skill set standpoint, there aren't many more Backs in this class that would make more sense than Yeldon. He has Day 1 starter traits and is experienced in a pro style O.

So what is the drawback? To me, it is just as simple as saying Yeldon was not a top 50 talent in this draft class, let alone a top 36. If you wanted a Pro Ready big back, I think Mike Davis offered more, especially considering where the two were selected.

With that said, if Yeldon can help develop a consistent run attack for Jacksonville, where he was picked won't really matter.