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Allen Robinson after Blake Bortles pass: “F***ing keep that s**t in bounds, bro!”

Doug Marrone seems tired of Blake Bortles.

Fans seem tired of Blake Bortles.

And now wide receiver Allen Robinson seems tired of Blake Bortles.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting joint practices with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today as they did yesterday. It is the last day of public practices of the offseason and after a one-on-one drill where Bortles attempted to throw the ball in the corner of the end zone (but overthrew it out of the field of play) Robinson says in clear frustration:

“Fucking keep that shit in bounds, bro!”

That’s where we are as a franchise. Our Pro Bowl wide receiver is clearly at the end of his rope, echoing the sentiments of the thousands in attendance that morning.

It wasn’t Bortles’ only mistimed throw of the day either. He missed to Keelan Cole...

...Dede Westbrook...

...and held onto the ball too long other times.

“Fucking keep that shit in bounds, bro!”