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22 days until kickoff: Read our very first predictions about Aaron Colvin

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

With just 22 days until kickoff, let’s talk about No. 22 on the Jacksonville Jaguars and share some of our very first predictions about Aaron Colvin after he was drafted in 2014.

This is taken from a July 26, 2014 article and it’s written by the magnanimous @HankJoness.

The best case scenario for Aaron Colvin’s rookie season

This one is not very hard. Colvin isn't expected to be cleared to get back onto the field until the latter part of the season, so the best-case scenario for him this year should be to focus on getting healthy and learning the playbook. Nothing else matters right now.

The worst case scenario for Aaron Colvin’s rookie season

The worst-case scenario for Colvin is for their to be complications in his recovery, and for him to return to the field unprepared for the rigors that is the NFL. There should be no timetable for his return. He needs to come back when he is physically comfortable. If it is rushed, complications will occur.

Reasonable expectations for Aaron Colvin’s rookie season

To expect anything other than a lengthy recovery from Colvin is irrational. He will not be an immediate contributor, that is simply a fact. Reasonable expectations should also be for him to be brought along slow when he actually is cleared. This is a redshirt year for him, it is not truly his "rookie" year in the sense of development.

Overall opinion of pick

Cornerback is the one position where the Jaguars can afford to take a chance on a player like Colvin. It's simply their best position group on the entire roster, having three starting-caliber players in Alan Ball, Will Blackmon and Dwayne Gratz, and likely a fourth by the year's end -- I'm very high on Demetrius McCray.

Colvin will not be asked to do much at all when he comes back, and his development will be able to come into fruition. As a player, I am not extremely high on Colvin. There were better corners on the board when he was taken. But he fits the Jaguars profile in terms of play style and is a logical replacement for Blackmon in two years or so.