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Jaguars vs. Panthers: Live blog for Week 3 preseason at EverBank Field

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 of the preseason and that’s right, folks, Chad Henne is starting! Chad Henne is starting? Blake Bortles has played so badly that CHAD HENNE IS STARTING.

How will Bortles respond to coming off the bench? How will Henne play in his first starting action since 2013 when he had the likes of an aging Maurice Jones-Drew at running back and receivers like Ace Sanders and Cecil Shorts?

It’s time for some mediocre completion percentages, just a few more interceptions than touchdowns by year’s end, one or two more sacks a game that probably shouldn’t happen, and undoubtedly a handful of Brandon Allen games to close out a season where Todd Wash was promoted to interim head coach.


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Live blog

10:18 PM: Oh no.

10:07 PM: Blake Bortles to Shane Wynn for a touchdown! Jaguars up 17-16.

10:00 PM: The decision has been made. It’s obvious. Chad Henne is the starter. Blake Bortles is going to be cut. This year is going to be an unmitigated disaster.

9:53 PM: Accurate.

9:47 PM: It’s fitting that one of Blake Bortles’ first passes of the night is (nearly) a pick-six.

9:18 PM: Barry Church has been very, very good so far.

9:15 PM: Blake Bortles starts out the second half with a three-and-out. DRINK.

9:01 PM: Hahahahahaha this dude bounced off Marcedes Lewis.

8:56 PM: Look at this nice ass throw from Chad Henne to Allen Robinson.

8:30 PM: This is the Chad Henne we know and love. Holding onto the ball a little too long, letting mistakes by offensive linemen become big sacks.

8:23 PM: Goodness gracious, Poz.


7:56 PM: It’s probably not the best time to promote ticket sales at the end of an opening drive that goes for an easy touchdown, Jaguars.

7:53 PM: This is not good by Cam Robinson, folks.

7:46 PM: Panthers drive down the field. Cam Newton to Kelvin Benjamin. Too easy.

6:01 PM: Welp. The following Jaguars players are out.

9:22 AM: And there goes Tad Dickman who heads up the PR for the Jaguars.

8:29 AM: WHOA. If Ryan O’Halloran is correct and the Jaguars brass mandated Blake Bortles to be the starter and then named Chad Henne the starter — that’s a mess.

6:09 AM: I cannot say this enough: Chad Henne is starting.