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The Jaguars don’t appear to even be trying

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t learn anything about their starting quarterback competition in Thursday’s preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Chad Henne, who in my opinion is still in the driver’s seat, looked like Chad Henne. He held the ball a little too long, he bypassed some difficult throws and he had some nice deep shots. Blake Bortles looked like Blake Bortles. He was able to pick up yards with his legs, make some short throws on the run and also throw behind a receiver to get picked off for a near pick six.

Both guys look like what they are.

I still feel the team ends up starting Henne against the Houston Texans Week 1, because if Bortles hasn’t been able to separate himself from Henne at this point than it’s not worth risking that $18 million injury guarantee. But more so, it’s clear the Jaguars want to run the football and eat clock while playing good defense. The latter is a discussion for another day, but if your plan is to play possession and run the ball, you cannot turn the ball over and Bortles, despite their career numbers, is more likely to turn the ball over than Henne is.

The sad reality however, is that it doesn’t matter who the Jaguars are going to start Week 1, because they’re both bad. The team very clearly thinks so little of Brandon Allen to not even insert him into the mix, which makes it even more odd the team has decided to bring absolutely no one else in.

I don’t think Brandon Allen is any good either, but are we really supposed to believe he’s not even good enough to be in the mix? If he’s not good enough to be in consideration, why in the hell hasn’t the team brought another body into camp and why is Allen even on the roster?

If the team doesn’t do anything in the next 48 hours at the quarterback position, it’s an egregious error and someone should be fired. Something should have been done months ago. I know there isn’t anyone the team can bring in that’s going to save the season, but we also shouldn’t be writing the season off as a total waste before kickoff of the third preseason game.

This wasn’t a problem that snuck up on the team, either. The writing was on the wall. Even if they were hoping they could turn Blake Bortles into a game manager, which why they thought that I have no idea, they put all their eggs in that basket and now a piano has been dropped on that basket.

For a team who’s slogan is “Win Today” and was adamant that it’s about “winning” and you’re looking to “win lunch” to sit idle at the most important position, all offseason, is a slap in the face. How can your slogan be “Win Today” if you’re not even trying to win?

Just bring someone in. I don’t care who. I don’t care if they also suck. Just do something.

You’re not even trying.