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12 days until kickoff: Power ranking every Jaguars quarterback who has thrown a pass

Browns v Jaguars X

With just 12 days until kickoff, let’s power rank all 17 quarterbacks who have ever thrown a pass for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Cleo Lemon is the worst, right?

There have been 17 quarterbacks who have thrown a pass for the Jaguars in franchise history (and 16 who have thrown a completion). Here I go, writing one of the worst articles for this website because it’s Saturday night and I’m tired.

Jaguars quarterbacks power ranked — from worst to first:

17. Cleo Lemon: Dude has less pass attempts than Matt Jones and less completions than Ace Sanders.

16. Luke McCown: This guy played eight games and still didn’t throw a touchdown.

15. Trent Edwards: Why am I doing this to myself?

14. Steve Matthews: Filled in admirably when both Mark Brunell and Rob Johnson went down and couldn’t play in a Week 2 matchup against the New York Giants at home in 1997. We won 40-17. With our third-string quarterback. And here we are 20 years later.

13. Todd Bouman: He took the same 2010 squad that Trent Edwards had and at least threw a couple of touchdowns.

12. Jonathan Quinn: A win is a win, even with a stacked 1998 offense. I always wonder what this guy is up to now.

11. Jamie Martin: Incredibly efficient passer who had a 62.8% completion percentage and 4-to-1 ratio on touchdowns to interceptions. I remember when Tom Coughlin pulled Mark Brunell during a horrendous game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2000. If Martin leads the comeback (or gets a touchdown before nine seconds left in the fourth quarter) I think Brunell gets benched the next week.

10. Quinn Gray: The best of the career backups the Jaguars have ever known. Limited in what he could do, but fit within what they were trying to do incredibly well.

9. Chad Henne: Next.

8. Blaine Gabbert: NEXT.

7. Blake Bortles: I can’t put him any lower than this list or else it would look like I’m trolling for clicks, but would I rather have Rob Johnson or Jay Fiedler on this team? (Hell, I’d probably take Quinn Gray at this point.)

6. Rob Johnson: Imagine if the Music City Forward Pass didn’t work and Frank Wycheck wasn’t a thing. Johnson was the quarterback on that Buffalo Bills playoff team and they weren’t bad. They had beaten who their divisional opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, earlier that year and could have made it past them to the AFC Championship game in Jacksonville. How differently both the Jaguars history and his career would have been.

5. Steve Beuerlein: Yes, he had that awful 1995 squad to work with, but Jacksonville was the only team he played for where he didn’t get a win. (I mean, he did, but only because Mark Brunell came in and led a comeback victory.) If we were only counting Jaguars play, he’d be lower, but he went to a Super Bowl afterwards, hence why he’s up here.

4. Jay Fiedler: Very efficient passer who benefitted from the best receiving group this team has ever put together. Had a better post-Jaguars career than Rob Johnson, hence his one spot ahead.

3. Byron Leftwich: The most underrated player in franchise history.

2. David Garrard: On the right team, he can take you to the Super Bowl.

1. Mark Brunell: The only true franchise quarterback this team has ever had — and it was a pretty short window. Most accomplished passer, most postseason victories, best interception ratio, and most passing yards in team history. Those records will probably stand for a long, long time, unfortunately.