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Big Cat Country Q&A: How does Dave Caldwell still have a job?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-OTA Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another round of Jacksonville Jaguars questions. Let’s get to it!

Chris from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Overall, how does Leonard Fournette look?

A: He has looked very, very good. He’s not intimidated going against veterans. He’s confident. He’s looked very smooth. And he’s catching the ball out of the backfield better than I thought he would. He’s looking like he’s worth the No. 4 overall pick — but we’ll see how he does against real competition next Friday.

David from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Q: As I understand, the Albert trade was for a 2018 7th round draft pick that will be returned to the Jaguars. But, what happens in the NFL if your team trades a player for another team's player then your guy retires or has a career ending injury before he ever plays a down? Do you receive any compensation?

A: I honestly have no idea. If anyone does, feel free to comment below.

Mike from Omaha, NE

Q: Why is a coaching staff, that feels so strongly (rightfully so) in creating competition for starting positions, not considering bringing in Colin Kaepernick to create real competition at the quarterback position?

A: We received many Colin Kaepernick questions this week. Totally expected. Completely fair. However, the last part of this question points to a larger topic — why didn’t the Jaguars create any competition at the quarterback position? As far as we know, the Jaguars haven’t expressed interest in Kaepernick. The Jaguars haven’t expressed interest in ANY free agent quarterback. Is riding and dying with Bortles the right move? I don’t know. Maybe. But a five-interception practice and a couple solid roasts from NFL stars sure can drive a conversation.

Jacob from Lancaster, CA

Q: So far in training camp who has looked better than you expected, and who was looked worse than you expected?

A: Keelan Cole is a name that has been growing since July. Cole impressed the media in rookie mini camp, and is continuing to steal the spotlight in training camp practices. The undrafted rookie wide receiver is checking off every box on the “training camp superstar” checklist — small school background? Check. Highlight catches? Check. Praise from his teammates? Check.

My answer to the second part of your question might seem like a cop-out, but... Blake Bortles. Training camp has always been an up-and-down experience for Bortles. Some people like to say he’s just “a bad practicer.” I’m not a big fan of that excuse, but I do know this — I expected Blake to look better in training camp this year. Maybe he’ll look more consistent towards the end of camp. Or maybe the joke is on me.

Chris from Niagara Falls, Canada

Q: How does Dave Caldwell still have a job?

A: I don’t want to play this game.

Catfish J from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Where do you think our O-Line will rank this season? I'm worried that is our biggest weakness at the moment.

A: Our offensive line didn’t do a good enough job in run blocking last year and the only change we’ve made is at left tackle. I think you’ll see us hover around the bottom-10 in terms of pressures allowed and run yards per game. Other than tight ends and quarterback, it’s the weak spot of this team.

Tiler from Memphis, TN

Q: How, HOW, is Henne entrenched as the backup QB? What does Allen need to do to over take him?

A: I honestly don’t think there’s anything Allen can do to overtake Henne as the backup unless Henne suffers a season-ending injury or implodes himself in regular season games. Sadly, if and when Bortles is pulled it’ll be Henne getting reps, not Allen.

John from Neptune Beach, FL

Q: Did we throw the Colts game to move up in the draft? Jalen was 10 yards off of the receiver at crunch time... I hope we did. If that's Malone's style we're in trouble.

A: I don’t know much about Malone, or his style. But I do know Malone lived by these 16 words — you can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Mike from Orlando, FL

Q: How many reps do you think Fournette is getting against Pats?

A: I’d say 10-12 snaps with half of those being runs.

BrainzCappi from Indiana

Q: Why do we, year-after-year, keep giving a shit about training camp and pre-season? 16 weeks is pain enough.

A: Pain is inevitable, BrainzCappi. But suffering is optional.