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Top plays of 2016: Jalen Ramsey with the game-winner against the Bears

In at No. 7 is one of the toughest, most courageous plays Jalen Ramsey will ever make -- a game-winning deflection to beat the Chicago Bears.

Jalen Ramsey talked the talk for much of the 2016 preseason and early weeks — but it wasn’t until the Jacksonville Jaguars went to go play the Chicago Bears that he really walked the walk.

The Jaguars held a 17-16 lead over the Bears, and Chicago was driving late in the fourth quarter with an opportunity to win the game with a field goal. With just over a minute remaining, Brian Hoyer attempted a pass on fourth down to Alshon Jeffery. Ramsey deflected the pass, the Bears turned it over on downs, and the Jaguars were able to kneel it out for the win.

Jeffery caught six balls for 90 yards in the first half, but Ramsey made adjustments after the half, limiting Jeffery to just one catch for three yards.

Ramsey has been playing well, and he has had plenty to say about his own performance throughout the season. After facing the Green Bay Packers, Ramsey let everyone know that he had allowed zero completions to Aaron Rodgers. He didn’t back down from veteran trash talker Steve Smith, either.

With Kevin White out, Jeffrey is Chicago’s clear-cut top receiver, and Ramsey was confident enough to ask the coaches to put him in coverage against Jeffery. He wanted that matchup.

“I want Alshon. I know Alshon,” Ramsey said. “Alshon is going to want that ball, they’re going to give Alshon the ball. Match me up on him. They gave me what I wanted, and it was a great battle out there for the entire game.”

Ramsey was also confident he could take care of Jeffery on his own.

“I told my safeties sometime during this week, I said, ‘If I’m guarding Alshon, y’all be aggressive,’” Ramsey said. “I don’t need help over the top. And I stand by that. That’s the type of competitor I am. I want the ball to come my way. I want that action.”

You tell me.