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33 days until kickoff: Greg Jones, the best fullback in team history

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars

With just 33 days until kickoff, let’s talk about Greg Jones — the greatest fullback in Jacksonville Jaguars history.

“Tough play on the field and never-back-down attitude.”

Originally drafted in the second round, the thought was that Jones would be a perfect compliment to then running back Fred Taylor as a power back, as he was in college at Florida State University.

He had dealt with a brutal knee injury in college and was a slow starter his rookie season, but in 2005 he had a four game stretch while Taylor was injured where he finally looked fully healthy, but he tore his other ACL the following season and ended up moving to the fullback position, where he excelled.

Jones never made a Pro Bowl, but he was regarded as one of the better all-around fullbacks in the NFL. He was loved by fans and teammates, even though he was one of the most soft-spoken and quiet players on the team, but because of his tough play on the field and never-back-down attitude.

Love you, Greg.