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Top 25 Jacksonville Jaguars plays of 2016: Marqise Lee 100-yard kick return for a touchdown

In at No. 2 is Marqise Lee's 100-yard kick return for a touchdown against the Houston Texans.

Marqise Lee joined an exclusive Jacksonville Jaguars club last December against the Houston Texans — he’s just the seventh player in franchise history to return a kick for a touchdown.

Who are the other six? Here’s a timeline of every Jaguars player who’s ever returned a kick for a touchdown for the team:

Jimmy Smith: December 3, 1995

In the inaugural season, there wasn’t much to cheer about. But in Week 13, the team’s No. 5 wide receiver — a relatively unknown castoff from the Dallas Cowboys — had a breakout game against the Denver Broncos, catching for a touchdown and returning one for the team’s first return touchdown in franchise history.

Reggie Barlow: December 7, 1997

The Jaguars were on the rise and would experience a few years of success, thanks in part to one of the best return men in team history, who took his first kick to the house in Week 14 against the New England Patriots.

Alvis Whitted: December 26, 1999

Little-used Alvis Whitted only returned eight kicks in 1999 for the Jaguars, but one of them was a beauty — a Week 13 touchdown in an eventual loss to the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.

Elvis Joseph: November 18, 2001

He only lasted two seasons with the Jaguars, but it was enough to get the only Jaguars touchdown in a Week 7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Derrick Wimbush: November 27, 2005

Used as a fullback and backup running back, it was strange to see the big, bulky Derrick Wimbush returning kicks. But he got his touchdown in a Week 11 win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Maurice Jones-Drew: December 10, 2006 and November 4, 2007

And here we come to it, the best kick return man in Jaguars history: Maurice Jones-Drew. He averaged 26.0 yards per kick return, but he’s the only player on the Jaguars with multiple kick returns for touchdowns. Anyone who ever watched him knew he was a threat to break one with every kick his way and he’d be the only Jaguars player with a playoff kick return touchdown too if it weren’t for a shoestring tackle in Pittsburgh.

Marqise Lee: December 18, 2016

It took nearly a decade, but the Jaguars finally brought one back. This was Gus Bradley’s last game with the team, so it was fitting they did something they hadn’t done in nine years.